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United Behavior Consultants

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United Behavior Consultants

We are a full service provider that specializes in the treatment of developmental disabilities and Autism. We provide in home ABA programs, community outreach, and school shadowing.  We provide an extensive parent training program that teaches caregivers, parent, or guardians how to implement and utilize ABA strategies.


Why choose UBC?

At UBC, we provide quality ABA therapy that focuses on the client's needs first.  We base our clinical decisions on what is best for the client's improved function of their daily life.


Our Mission

To Educate and Empower individuals and families so that they improve their Quality of Life. 


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What we provide?



United Behavior Consultants provides ABA in home, school and community settings. We implement evidence based practices to maintain high standards for quality of services provided to our clients and families.

Social Skills


United Behavior Consultants provides an opportunity for our clients to attend social skills classes that promote social interactions.  We have developed a socials skills curriculum to promote social growth with our clients. 

Community Resources


United Behavior Consultants are dedicated in providing families quality services.  We want to support the community and families by providing information and resources. We provide education to parents, consultation, workshops, and materials.

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Naturalistic Envorinmental Teaching utilizes the principles of ABA by learning through play.  Play is an important part in learning and development for children and can promote language, learning, and social skills.  


Pivitol Response Training is a child directed naturalistic teaching strategy that targets pivotal areas of a child's development. These pivotal areas are responding to multiple cues, maintaining motivation, initiating communication, and monitoring their own behaviors. 


Discrete Trial Training is a practitioner led ABA strategy that breaks tasks down into steps to shape new skills. DTT was one of the first interventions developed for children with Autism.  DTT promotes learning and development of new skills and decreases maladaptive behaviors. 

Parent Training

Parent Training is an integral part of your  child's success in ABA therapy. We not only provide training to the parents but can support family members, guardians, and collaborate with other professionals to provide coordination of care. We provide information and resources available to families to access in the community. 

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United Behavior Consultants

Serving Orange County, Los Angeles, and Inland Empire

(714) 310-4377